Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Forgiveness is the Gateway to Love... for only when we can fully forgive ourselves, can we know real love, and use real love to heal others. Lack of forgiveness leaves a blockage, just as Fear does, through which Love cannot radiate. Remove Fear to find Acceptance. Forgive to find Love.

Forgiveness begins within, it starts with you, you have to forgive yourself, or the victim role continues. I am not a victim, I am a Survivor. I empower myself to take care of myself, with respect for my needs, and with love and acceptance for all that I am, right here and now. I realize that every thing that has ever happened to me, happened because I needed the lesson. I have learned my lessons from my experiences, and I give thanks for them on a daily basis. Sometime, I have to be beat over the head with a lesson in order to learn it, but I do continue to learn and grow. I am able to do so because I forgive myself for all the mistakes I made, because I needed their lessons. I forgive myself for allowing bad things to happen to me, my siblings, and my loved ones. At every point in my life, I was the best ME that I could be, and knowing this, I know that I did the right thing (for me) at each and every junction. Therefore, I forgive myself. 

Also, I am told that for many of us, the lessons have been very harsh, because of the strength those lessons will impart to us, and that strength will be much needed in our future.


With the Gentleness of Deer, I embrace those parts of myself that need forgiving. I surround them with Love, so that they may heal. This is not a forced release, it is a gentle reminder. Be gentle with yourself.

Walk in Beauty,

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