Sunday, November 29, 2009

White Animals, Part 3: Similarities or Coincidences?

I fully believe that everything happens for a reason, and my choosing to take on the subject of White Animals, must have also happened for a reason. These last few days, I've come across all kinds of reminders and additional information on White Animals, including Albino Humans. Just last night I found that article, and I wanted to offer a couple of quotes from it, to help to explain our conception of, or obsession with, the all white creature-beings of the world.

"The mistaken belief that albino body parts have magical powers has driven thousands of Africa's albinos into hiding, fearful of losing their lives and limbs to unscrupulous dealers who can make up to $75,000 selling a complete dismembered set."

"The surge in the use of albino body parts as good luck charms is a result of 'a kind of marketing exercise by witch doctors,' the International Federation for the Red Cross and Crescent societies said.
The report says the market for albino parts exists mainly in Tanzania, where a complete set of body parts — including all limbs, genitals, ears, tongue and nose — can sell for $75,000. Wealthy buyers use the parts as talismans to bring them wealth and good fortune."

from: "10,000 E. African albinos in hiding after killings" by The Associated Press

My theory is that we feel the same way about White Animals. We believe they are magical. For an example here, let's look at the Unicorn and the Pegasus:


We have to admit, when searching for Unicorn pics on the web, we come up with nothing but "magical" looking pictures. Of course, they are an "imaginary" animal, or one that is extinct? Or something like that! Yet, they do always look Magical, so it's no wonder we associate them with Magick.

Let's look at some of the Totem Animal meanings for Unicorn:

"The ability to negate the effects of venom and poisons, the magick to make dreams become reality, connection to the spirits of the forest with its fauns and fairies.  The magick of the unicorn can effect the weather.  The legend of Zeus and the "horn of plenty" may be the origin of the myth of the Unicorn.

Unicorn (Briabhall): This mythic animal... is the symbol of supreme magickal power. It teaches that every action is creation, so make every day count. It also helps to understand the relationship between physical and spiritual realities.
--Joelle's Sacred Grove

"Because of the unicorn's purity, its horn, sometimes called an 'Alicorn', was considered magical and became a popular ingredient in medieval medicines. Its mere presence was considered a strong protection against poison in food, and when worn in jewelry, it protected the wearer from evil."
"Other legends tell... of the unicorn's purifying of poisoned waters with its horn so that other animals may drink."
"Throughout history, the church has interpreted the Unicorn in a number of different ways. In medieval times, it became a symbol of Christ himself, and its horn was symbolic of the unity of Christ and God."
"Some medieval paintings show the Trinity with Christ represented by a Unicorn. On the other hand, the Unicorn also appears as a symbol of evil in the book of Isaiah. Overall, however, the Unicorn has come to be regarded as a pure and virtuous animal."
"In popular belief, examined wittily and at length in the seventeenth century by Sir Thomas Browne in his Pseudodoxia Epidemica, unicorn horns could neutralize poisons (book III, ch. xxiii). Therefore, people who feared poisoning sometimes drank from goblets made of 'unicorn horn'."

It's apparant that Unicorn has always been considered a Magickal White Animal, from these excerpts. 
Let's move on to Pegasus:


Again, a magickal looking creature, Pegasus comes to us from Greek Mythology, as He was sired by one of the Gods, Poseidon. In the movie, Clash of the Titans, Pegasus helps Perseus, and Pegasus is known as a Spiritual Helper, or one who helps fair maidens:

"Concerned with sacred places and guarding them, they always aid females of all species in need, especially young females."

Now let's sum this up:
Unicorns are magickal, and became a popular ingredient in Medieval Medicine. Their horns are associated with the Horn of Plenty, which is a symbol of Thanksgiving.
Pegasus guards Sacred Places, and aids females in need. 
Chief Arvol Looking Horse is the Keeper of the Sacred Pipe, gifted to the Sioux by White Buffalo Calf Pipe Woman. His World Peace & Prayer Day celebrates and protects the world's Sacred Places. 

White Buffalo are associated with Prophecy, and the gifts of Buffalo include abundance, also associated with Thanksgiving. In the story of the White Buffalo Calf Pipe Woman, we must admit that it all sounds quite Magickal, with Buffalo Calf Pipe Woman changing into a Buffalo of each of the colors of the Four Directions. 
Arctic Wolf and Arctic Fox are seasonally white, changing into their winter colors for the winter months. This is a bit of magick in itself. 
The Fox is said to have a Magickal Pearl of Wisdom in it's head.

Native nations believe that the appearance of the White Buffalo, was a Significant Spiritual Event. The white color of these creatures, indicates the highest connection with the Great Spirit, or the Creator. Other white creature beings are gifted with these traits, as well. One of those is the White Indian Dog:

"The white color of the dogs was very rare, and viewed as something magical and mysterious, therefore a sign from the Creator of some special religious meaning. And they were thought to be capable of magical abilities."

This site describes the Legend of the White Indian Dogs, a most interesting story. Feel free to check it out!

Once again, however, we are reminded of Magick. Are all white animals considered magickal? Or is that just today's message?
And why is it that they are all somehow connected to Thanksgiving? Is it just the time of year for me to notice such things? Or does it have an even deeper meaning? 
We will continue to delve into these beautiful, magickal, White Creatures, in future blogs. We still have Arctic Wolf, Dove, White Horse, White Tiger, Ermine, Snow Leopard, Snowshoe Hare, Swan, Crane, White Elephant, Sheep, Llama, Sow, and White Cat, to discuss. I see a few magickal ones included in that list! So we will continue on this White Animal journey together, to see what other similarities and coincidences lie there for us to find.

Until next time, 
May you walk in beauty...


Anonymous said...

Very timely article , only a few days ago I ve spotted a totally white albino spider in my garden sitting ona purple flower hence very noticeable!.,,it did look magical indeed:)
Ewa x

Michelle said...

How cool! We've got Black Widows here... I'm thinking it's time to do a blog on Spiders and Spider Woman. Thanks for stopping by!

sunshine said...

Saw white deer on a pbn show, then random news on a local channel showed a white alligator. Curious, I looked online, found you...sep 4 is my son's bday, I was with him today discussing the imbalances in the world...thanksgiving weekend!