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White Animals, Part 2

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We find all kinds of White Animals in nature. There are albino animals like the White Deer and the White Moose, featured in Part 1 of this article, as well as white cats and white dogs. There are naturally white animals like the Crane, the Dove, and the Swan, seasonally white animals like the Snowshoe Hare and the Arctic Fox, and there are Sacred White Animals like the White Buffalo.

So far, we’ve discovered that the message being brought to us by many of these white creatures is one of peace and purity. We’ll continue to find that this is true, even of many of the ones we will soon be discussing here, like the Dove. Yet they each have their own traits, some of which are related to the “normal” version of that same animal, and some that are directly attributed to their Sacred Whiteness.

White is a color that contains all colors of the rainbow, it is said. Just look at a snowflake, if you want to see that effect. Many white things are considered Sacred, like snow, white candles, Christening and Confirmation clothing, Sand Dollars, Crystals, Clouds, the Moon and Stars, and much, much more. The White Haired Elders are revered for their wisdom, which is another teaching of the direction of North, Land of Ice and Snow, place of Spirituality.

Delving into the meanings of these White Creature Beings, reminds us of their sacredness, yet we should also remember the sacredness of all of life. We are sacred, creature beings are sacred, Mother Earth is sacred, the plants and trees are sacred, as are birds, insects, stones, breath, air, fire, and water. If you don’t have a white animal helper, don’t be dismayed, for any creature being that chooses to help you is sacred, just as you are. If you find that you need the Medicine of a White Animal, call it into your life by asking for it’s help. Invite it into your dreams to teach you and guide you. Any creature being can be your Spirit Helper, and we are free to petition any of them for their assistance, so long as it is for our highest good, or the highest good of all.

I talk a lot about the creature beings, and all aspects of nature, because they have been such a big help in my own life. It is my hope that, through these articles, you will find those who can assist you in your life, if you so desire. Remember, there are also trees, stones, and plants out there who can help you, it’s not just the animals. We’ll talk about some of them in upcoming articles, to give you a better perspective on the ways in which they can assist you.

Being as one with nature can open one’s life up to many magickal experiences. It has mine :)

Arctic Fox

The Fox is one of my favorite magickal creatures. It is said that very old foxes have pearls of wisdom in their heads, according to Anna Franklin in The Sacred Circle Tarot. Pearls are another Sacred White Object, having the ability to cleanse one of negative emotions.

The Fox is a creature of Magickal times, being seen at dawn and dusk, the magickal times of day, or, the in-between times, which are the times of great power for working magick, and the daily times of the thinning of the veil between worlds.

Fox is also known for his ability to camouflage himself, a form of shape-shifting. He can hide in broad daylight, in a crowded room, or blend in with his surroundings any place in nature. In this way, Fox teaches us how to be invisible. The white fur of the Arctic Fox enables him to blend in with the snow in his Arctic habitat, virtually invisible in the Land of Snow and Ice.

Fox is also said to be a guide to the Underworld, emerging at Winter Solstice, with the return of the Sun. And while Arctic Fox does not hibernate like Fox, he does build tunnels of warrens underground, with many entrances and exits, showing us other ways to enter the Underworld.

Learning to blend in with your surroundings, practicing invisibility, shape shifting, and magick are all a part of Fox Medicine. Arctic Fox adds in the teachings of wearing different colors for the different seasons, to better blend in, and building a nest egg for the future.

The red fox is the familiar of the Queen of Wands, She of the hearth fires and Keeper of the family home, linking Fox to Fire and it’s energy. The Aurora Borealis of the North is called Fox Fire, reminding us of the magickal world of Fox.

A fox can teach you to control your aura so that you can be more in harmony
with others and the world.” –Linns Domain

More Fox Totem info at: Sayahda.com
Arctic Fox Totem info at: Funkman.org


I truly apologize, but this has become a very large topic to cover. I still have at least ten animals I want to include in this topic, and, not wanting to hold up posting any longer, have decided to share what I have, and will continue posting more, as soon as possible.
Coming soon are: Arctic Wolf, Dove, Ermine (Weasel), Snow Leopard, Snowshoe Hare, Swan, Crane, White Elephant, White Horse, White Tiger, Sheep/Lamb, Llama, White Cow, Druidic Sacred White Bull, White Cats and White Dogs, Pegasus, and Unicorn, not necessarily in that order :)
I hope you’ll stay tuned to learn more about these exciting Sacred creatures.

Until next time,
May you Walk in Beauty...

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