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White Animals - Part 1

The direction of North on the Medicine Wheel, is about Spirituality. It's Totem Animal is the White Buffalo. Other white animals are also considered Spiritual, such as the White Owl, White Deer, White Fox, White Dove, White Ermine or Weasel, White Moose, White Tiger, White Horse, and many others. Each of these Creature-Beings is a reminder of the Spirituality that is ever present in life, yet each of them can bring other lessons and traits to our lives, as well.

The Snowy Owl

Also known as the Arctic Owl or the Great White Owl, She is one of the world's largest Owls, and lives and hunts in the Arctic tundra. Snow Owl represents Patience, as She must be patient to find food in the snowy Arctic. The Great White Owl shows us how to be still and listen, and how to find what we are searching for. Call on Snow Owl to learn when to take action. This Arctic Owl can teach us about strategy, how to conserve energy as She waits out Winter to find food, and how to be more observant of our surroundings. She also has the power of Prophecy, and will share Her vision with us, when She flies into our lives, either in the waking world, or in the Dreamtime.

"The legend of the White Owl means many things to many people. To the Mayan it is a messenger who brings a warning that the world has become so out of balance that we need to change. The white owl is also a guardian that allows us to see with clarity beyond fear and illusion. Often depicted as the companion of Isis and Athena, the owl is a powerful messenger from the spirit world for mankind."
From: The Wisdom of the White Owl
Website: White Wolf Journeys

Here are some links that tell more about the White Owl:
The Owl Pages

Totem Animal info on Snowy Owl can be found on

White Buffalo

The White Buffalo is a very Sacred creature. She brings about a time of prophecy, when all colors of mankind come together as one. She brings abundance to our lives, through our prayers and giving thanks. Buffalo shares all parts of Her body with man, teaching us about sacrifice for the greater good. This is a reminder to us that when all of life is honored as sacred, and prayers are offered for the good of all, abundance is always present.

White Buffalo Calf Pipe Woman brought the Sacred Pipe to the Sioux, along with Her teachings. The Sacred Pipe takes our prayers to the Creator, via its smoke. The Keeper of the Sacred Pipe of the Lakota, is now Chief Arvol Looking Horse. His World Peace and Prayer Day on Summer Solstice, honors Sacred Sites of the Ancestors, such as Chaco Canyon, Bear Butte, and Mount Shasta. A great web page for info on these sites can be found HERE. Honoring Sacred Sites is a part of honoring Mother Earth, and protecting Her, and healing Her. Just as North on the Medicine Wheel represents Mother Earth, it also represents all of Her creatures. When all creatures live in harmony with one another, respecting the space and customs of each, abundance is present. And that is the lesson of Buffalo!

Here are some sites of interest on White Buffalo:
Sioux White Buffalo Legend
Native American, The White Buffalo
Crystalinks on the White Buffalo

More Totem info on the Buffalo can be found at:

White Moose

I came across a story about the White Moose, and that inspired me to write this blog on White Animals. The photos are amazing! Here is the page where they can be accessed: White Moose

The above photo is from this website, which also has many photos of White Moose:
First Nations page on White Moose

Totem info on Moose can be found at:

White Deer

The legends of the White Deer are many. I want to share a couple here with you:

Chickasaw Legend of the White Deer

Lenape Legend of the White Deer

Seneca White Deer website

Deer represents the power of Gentleness. She overcomes those who would do Her harm, through love. It's not surprising that Prophecy is tied up with this gentle, loving creature. She embodies harmony and compassion, while Her white color represents peace, all traits of a more peaceful world.

To learn more about Deer Medicine, check out and

Polar Bear

One of the most majestic creatures in the world, She represents the strength to endure in harsh conditions. She provides the humans who live in the Arctic with not only her fur for warmth, but the rest of Her body, to help them to survive. In this way, she teaches us about survival, and is considered a teacher to the Inuit and Inupat Nations.

Polar Bear Dreaming ignites the desire to partake in a spiritual quest that will see our life regain its integrity, wholesomeness, and clarity.” Copyright: “Animal Messengers”, Scott Alexander King.

She can also teach us about flexibility, change, and stubbornness. Similar to Bear Medicine, with added qualities, Polar Bear is also a great Spirit Helper. She can help us learn to adapt, and face our fears.

"The white color associated with the polar bear is very significant. It represents 'purity of spirit'. When it enters your life the awakening of your own true colors is at hand."

The symbolism of the snow and ice, represents our emotions. When they are frozen, we are blocked. When they are melting, are we being too emotional? The cold of the Arctic can also represent our emotions. Are we ourselves being too cold to others? Snow is also related to Sacred Geometry, due to the shapes of the individual flakes. If Polar Bear is your Medicine Helper, you may want to study Sacred Geometry. Snow can also be compared to a Crystal, which not only helps us to see clearly, but also amplifies the energy of other stones, especially when used in healing. Using natural elements to heal, such as rain water, snow, lightning, and dirt of the Earth, may help you, as well as working with the healing abilities of the Ancient Ones (Stone People). Most of all tho, pay attention to what Polar Bear is doing when She appears to you. That will assist you in applying Her lesson properly.

Polar Bears are becoming endangered due to oil and gas exploration of the Arctic, and due to global warming. If you'd like to help, check out the following.

Let the Fish and Wildlife Services know the polar bear needs all the help it can get as it adapts to a warmer Arctic. The designation of critical habitat is a good first step.

Take action here: Sierra Club

Here are some more Polar Bear links:

Defenders of Wildlife

National Geographic

There are other White Animals I haven't mentioned here yet, and will need to do a Part 2 to this blog, in order to cover them all. The Arctic Fox, above, is one of these fabulous animals. We'll also talk about the White Horse, White Ermine or Weasel, and possibly, the White Wolf, and any more I can come up with. I will post part 2 in a couple of days.

Feel free to leave any comments, or share any further info or links you may have on these sacred White Animals.

Walk in Beauty....
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The Lunar Gazette said...
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Samantha McDermott said...

I found your blog after reading up on the Sacred White Lion, in particular the one in Kevin Richardson's care (look him up, it's well worth it no matter who you are). I started to type "Sacred White Animals" in google, and Sacred White Elephant came up. I'm also aware of the Sacred White Black Bears of British Columbia's coast and am curious about the number of white animals in the world today and the implications of their existence. I truly believe they are pure Creator love, as we all one day will be.
Thank you for sharing your blog with the world,
Much Love

Michelle said...

Thank you Samantha! I believe that all White Creatures are spiritual and sacred. It's a shame we've killed so many of them. Even with the White Buffaloes, we don't even seem to respect the message of hope that they bring us. And the Spirit Bears in Canada you mentioned, such a sad situation that we'd sell out their hidden homeland for Big Oil.
Not enough of them left, I know, or of any of the White Animals. I think it's a telling sign of our sense of Spirituality.
Thanks for stopping by, Love and Blessings to you!

Anonymous said...

storgA friend of mine recently found a dead owl on her property and wanted to do some ritual for it. Kind of a burial or ? ceremony. Do you have any suggestions on one we can use? I am really stumped other than to burn some sage and tobacco and thanking it for its beautiful life and releasing her saddness over finding it.... Help! please....

Michelle said...

That's basically all I would do. Bury it, and wish it safe passage across the Great Divide, ask that it's soul be granted an easy crossing, and send your blessings and love. Thank the Owl for it's help.
If you'd like to look into the totem meaning of Owl, I'll be glad to help you with that too, just give a yell here.
Blessings, may the crossing go smoothly!

sapphire ricketts said...

hi michelle,
this is my 1st time reading your blog it is very good thanks

Michelle said...

Thank you Sapphire! I hope you'll visit again! Blessings!