Friday, May 1, 2009

My Highest Self

There's a higher self within us all. It speaks to us in our dreams. Sometimes, it even acts as us in our dreams. Most importantly, we learn from it though our dreams.

Our higher self can be seen as that inner guiding voice, the one that leads us to the lessons we need in this lifetime. The one that insists we learn our lessons. The voice of our subconscious mind that prompts us to act with integrity, to be impeccable to our word, to honor ourselves with everything we do and say.

Our highest self is who we are evolving towards in this lifetime, who we will become when we have learned what we came here to learn in this lifetime. Or is it who we are on the spiritual plane, advising us from afar? Does the distinction matter? Not really. Our highest self is us, in our truest, purest, and highest form.

She appears in my dreams, guiding me and reminding me of the lessons I am incorporating into my life at this time. She reassures me that change is taking place in my life, day by day. Her sense of peace lingers within me when I wake, and when I reach for it throughout the day, I find it's still there, within me.

I wonder who this spiritual and enlightened woman is in my dreams, and why she is taking so much time to teach me and guide me. Then I realize that she is what I would become, if I could only grasp the understanding of all things that she holds.

I say my prayers, asking to be reunited with her, to be taught the necessary lessons so that I can become her. I connect to Mother Earth, the Seven Sacred Directions, and pull it all within myself. I reach out to the All That Is, becoming as One with All My Relations. I open myself up using love and compassion for all. She hovers on the edge of my awareness, beckoning me forward. I reach out my hand, she grabs it and pulls me in her direction.

Day by day I draw closer. Soon, we will merge into One......

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