Thursday, July 10, 2008

Blockages and Clarity

This article is a part of a consecutive series designed to progressively help and heal the reader. If you have just come across this blog, and desire to learn more, you should start at the beginning of the series with the first article: "Sacred Spirituality and Blaming Others". It is hoped that this series can make us all more aware of how our spirituality and inner healing are intertwined, and how they affect the way we perceive the world, and other beings, around us. If more help is needed, please contact the author by leaving a comment.

Blockages and Clarity

When we begin healing ourselves, we find that we have blockages. They can take the form of issues or problems we have neglected to deal with from our pasts, they can be a stubborn trait we may have, some leftover bit of a wrong childhood teaching that we have yet to root out and eradicate, or just plain not wanting to change, being afraid of change, or any fear you may have, can create a blockage. They tend to come at us from every direction, and until we deal with them, we cannot attain full clarity of thought or purpose.

These blockages will cause us to get stuck, and feel that we can go no further, that we are making no progress. If you cannot find the problem yourself, you may need a little nudge to help you. This is when I turn to reading my cards or looking for signs from nature. Prayer also helps, when we ask to see the problem or understand it, we will be given that nudge, just when we least expect it, even in our dreams.

Understanding that this can be a complicated subject, and a difficult period for anyone, and having compassion for ourselves during this process is the first step towards overcoming anything we may come up against. Having patience with the process and with ourselves is another step in the right direction. Knowing how much we can deal with ourselves, and when to seek help, is what we tackle next.

Childhood issues affect us much more deeply than we realize. A repeated pattern of abuse in one's life shows that we have unresolved issues with abuse from childhood. Repeating the same mistakes in relationships tells us to dig deeper, find the source of the problem. Money and our relationship to it is another biggie, for it leads to understanding energy and the equal energy exchange situation that is needed in all of our lives. Tackling our fears and understanding why we have them can lead to much learning and growing. Most of all, questioning why we do things in a certain way, or did in the past, will lead us to discover all sorts of things about ourselves.
Once you have begun this process of self-discovery, there are no easy truths. We must hunker down and fight for every belief we retain, making sure it is the right belief to hold onto for our best possible future self. It leads us to question everything we think we know and believe, in other words. It leads us to ask why a whole lot, especially of ourselves.

Insecurity is, a lot of times, the base issue that we will find for a lot of problems we may have. We begin tackling our issues, questioning our beliefs, and it leads to more uncertainty and insecurity, until we discover our true, basic self underneath all the layers of fluff we have covered it all up with, in order to fit into society. We are all meant to be unique individuals, here with a unique mission, unique lessons to learn. We are all similar at our core, however, for we are all insecure to some degree. We are all here seeking answers. We are all looking for our path, or trying to walk it, each and every day. When we can understand our similarities, we strengthen our core self by doing so.

When we have weeded out our true beliefs from all the false egotistical beliefs we added on in order to fit in, we have found our core self. Recognize those beliefs and hold onto them, after questioning them and making sure they are the real thing. This gives us our base self. We begin building upon that, to work towards finding our higher self, and our purpose, our mission here.
Question everything you read, hear, learn, or see. Decide for yourself if it is right for you. If it is, incorporate it into your beliefs. If it isn't, let it go. What is right for one, is not necessarily right for us all. What another believes, is not always true for us. We each have the right to our own beliefs. When we respect others beliefs, and their right to have them, we must also respect our own, and protect our right to have them. What we believe is sacred, and when we have delved deeply into ourselves to find those beliefs, we respect them even more.

The problems and issues we have carried with us all our lives, create blockages to clarity, to understanding, to learning and growing, and to our abilities. The more of them we clear away, the more clarity we gain. The more we understand ourselves, the more we are able to use our abilities to their fullest. Even our dreams can be blocked by unresolved issues, fears, and unneccessary emotions like hatred or anger. If they have the potential to block your dreams, you know they can block you in your waking life.

Keep asking yourself why you do things the way you do. Keep delving deeply into your supposed beliefs. Keep searching out problems in your life and finding their source in your past. Keep examining your fears for the truths they hold. Pay attention to your emotions, for where they become strongest, you may find another issue to resolve. Removing these blockages will help you to gain clarity. The more you remove, the more clarity you will gain. The more clarity you gain, the more clearly you will see and understand your issues. It's a circle, but we have to start somewhere, pick an issue and dive in. You will gain so much in your life from doing so. Clarity is just one of the gifts it will bring to your life, but that clarity will shine through to every area of your life. And when we can see clearly, we can help others to do the same.

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