Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Distracting Ourselves

Many people in this world feel the need to surround themselves constantly with other people, staying busy with trivial activities, involving themselves in other people's lives, and/or watching television, listening to music, reading books, writing, drawing, playing games, anything to keep from having to deal with their own issues. How much time do you spend on activities like these and how much time do you spend listening to what your inner self has to teach you?

We involve ourselves in other people's lives, offering advice for their problems instead of dealing with our own. We help others out, thereby distracting ourselves from our own problems. And, most importantly, we put other people first, before our own life, and our own problems. Then we distract ourselves by turning on the television and sitting in front of it for hours, because we are tired from doing for and helping others.

Not everyone can sit still, and be at peace with themselves, with no noise, no friends, nothing going on around them. Not everyone can be at peace inside themselves in the midst of a crowd.
Our mind is constantly looking for something to do. We feed it with words, actions, other people, games, television, problems to resolve, trivia, useless activities, museums, zoo's, movies, being social, parties, drinking, playing. We feed it by distracting it.

There comes a time when you have to ask yourself if you are distracting yourself from your issues with the things you are choosing to do.

How many distractions do you have in your life? Count them, add them up. How much time do you spend alone, working on yourself, with no noise, no distractions? Can you spend time alone, doing nothing, and be content?

When we begin to realize all the distractions our minds have put into our lives, thinking they are necessary to our existence, we can then realize how we have attempted to keep ourselves busy with activities that have distracted us from our real purpose here. We are here to learn certain lessons in this lifetime. Are we learning them by staying too busy to think?

We all have our own reasons for choosing this lifetime, our own lessons to learn, goals to attain, and mission to accomplish. Are you working towards that, or are you distracting yourself with your daily activities? Do you know what lessons you are currently learning? Do you see the overall theme in the lessons you have chosen to bring into your life? We keep having to repeat lessons because we don't learn them the first time around. Or the second, or the third. The more we have to repeat them, the harder they get. If we are focusing on what lesson we are currently learning, then we might get it this time and not have to repeat it. If we are distracting ourselves needlessly from recognizing each lesson that comes our way, we will keep repeating them, until we do realize that there is a lesson behind all the things going on in our lives.

We tend to think we are experiencing a run of bad luck sometimes. Look at the issue behind it, how did you get to the point where the bad luck started? We think we are having problems in our careers or love lives, but are we looking at what factor within ourselves could be causing the problems? Again, do you blame others for your problems, or do you look within, and see what you can do differently to resolve things?

If we would review our lives occassionally, we might see these patterns that keep repeating themselves in our lives. If we stop distracting ourselves with other people and needless activities, we might spend some time with ourselves and delve into what is really going on within us.

We all have distractions in our lives. If we would learn to recognize them for what they are, then we could see beyond them to what we need to learn instead. Stop the chatter, the busyness and find the stillness, see the patterns, and delve into the reasons behind all that you do. Realize that your mind creates things for you to do to keep it busy, because it needs something to think about. Let it think, instead, about your life, your issues, your own healing. Give it a real problem to solve! All the answers we need are within ourselves, if we can stop the noise long enough, we will find them.

Look at all the things you do in your life to avoid listening to your inner self, to keep from having to deal with your own problems. Stop and take some time to spend alone, each and every day, and think about you and your life for a change. Work with your inner self to heal yourself. For only when we are healed, can we then heal others.

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