Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Sacred Spirituality and Blaming Others

This is the first in a series of weekly columns on Spirituality and Healing. This column will take a look at how we can heal ourselves by sometimes looking at things in a different perspective. It will always be informative and a learning experience, for those who listen to it with an open mind. This column does not seek to offend anyone, but it will exercise the right to speak ones beliefs freely, and to share them with others who are interested in living by the same principles. It is up to you whether you hear these words with open ears or a with a closed mind....

Spirituality invades every aspect of our lives, from how we view the world and our place in it, to the food that we eat, if we really break it down and think about it. Many of us have lost the way and think Spirituality only happens on Sundays, and this just is not true. How can a seed turn into a squash without divine intervention? The birth of anything takes all of Creation working together, to make it turn out the way that it does. We may think we have control over every little thing in our lives, but we really don't.

Take a look at how things happen in your life: does each and every day go as you planned, and nothing unusual happen, like accidents, rising gas prices, inability to pay a bill on time, or even burning dinner occasionally - none of these events are planned. What is meant to happen, will happen, no matter what we do, no matter how much we think we are in control.

Who do we blame when something out of the ordinary happens? Do we sit and blame ourselves, endlessly going around in circles in our minds thinking what would have happened if we had done things differently? Do we blame the other guy, the one who hit us with his car, and destroyed our peace of mind by doing so? Do we blame the stove for burning our dinner? The government for rising gas and food prices?

When we realize that we must accept responsibility for all of our own mistakes, and cut out the middle man, we begin to understand the way life really works. No, we don't have control over the things that happen in our lives, but we do control how we view what happens, and how we react to the things that happen to us.

For instance, gas prices are rising. What do we do? Just accept it? Or do we try to create change?

We burn our dinner. Do we blame the stove, or look realistically at what we were doing that was more important to us than the sacred offering Mother Earth provided for us?

Each and every thing that happens is linked to Spirituality. When we are on our very own Sacred Path, everything happens as it should, no flub ups, no mistakes, no accidents. When we are off of our Paths, we experience pitfalls, things that will make us stop and think about how we could have done things differently. If your road is easy, then you are on your path. If it is difficult, look around and see what YOU are doing wrong.

Let's imagine that we begin to create change to decrease gas prices, like the truckers in Washington going on strike. If that were not meant to be, then something would have happened to prevent them from doing it. If we were meant to have an unburned dinner, it would have happened. Problems happen to make us wake up and pay attention to what we are doing, and how we are doing it.

If we were meant to overuse our natural resources, then the prices would not be so high. If we were meant to charge for the four Sacred Elements (Air, Fire, Water, Earth) then we would not be having problems living with Mother Earth right now. And yet we are...

Wildfires in California, Nevada, Arizona, and even New Mexico. Earthquakes pounding Reno, more earthquakes happening in Cali, Washington, Oregon, Utah, and all around the Pacific Ring of Fire. Tornadoes in Virginia. A heat wave in India. Volcanic eruptions all over the place. Diseases running rampant. Widespread influenza this past winter, stronger than ever before. And the hurricane season approaches... will we see another Katrina, or have we learned our lesson?

When natural disasters happen, and we see it in a Spiritual light, we realize we are not living well with Mother Earth, not living in tune with her, not valuing her resources. What have we done to make her so angry with us? Could it be burning rain forests, drilling in Oceans, stripping land to build houses no one can afford to live in, destroying habitats of wild creatures who also inhabit this planet with us, allowing other creatures to become extinct without caring about their existence?

We only have ourselves to blame for all the natural disasters. The current state of the world is our own fault, whether due to action or inaction on our parts. What can we do differently to learn our lesson, so that another Katrina doesn't happen?

The same goes for our personal lives. We have either acted inappropriately, or have not acted at all on our own behalf, and we are now experiencing problems in our own lives, on the same magnitude as the natural disasters of the world, only on a more personal level.

We have sat back and blamed everyone else for our problems, be they natural disasters, rising food and gas prices, or a burned dinner, instead of looking within and finding that we are to blame for each and every thing that happens in our lives. When we begin taking responsibility for our own lives, we realize what we have done to create the problems we are dealing with. When we begin taking responsibility for the planet we live on, and acting on its behalf, instead of buying into consumerism and letting corporations decide the fate of the planet, we stop seeing so many disasters, and become masters of our own fate once again.

No, we do not have control of our lives, we are here to follow our own Sacred Path. Again, if you are on it, everything in your life is going smoothly. Natural disasters are happening all around us. As a people, we are not on our Sacred Path. We are not accepting responsibility for our actions, in the long run. Letting a factory pollute the air our children breathe, is not accepting responsibility. We blame others because we do not want to accept that these things fall on the shoulders of each and every one of us. We want others to do something about it. The problems are the fault of each and every one of us, due to our own inaction.

Take responsibility for your own life, and the lives of the children of the future. Let us leave a better world for them by accepting that we do have the power to shape the future with our actions today. Blame no one but yourself, as I do myself. I have not spoken loudly enough, taken enough action, and am as guilty as anyone else. I know why I am here, however. And I know it is time to take responsibility for what happens to Mother Earth from this moment forward. If I am not meant to, I will suffer personal losses, and in this way, I will know that I am on the wrong Path. If any action I take brings consequences, I know it is the wrong action. I will try again, in a different manner. I will not give up. I will continue to work towards healing Mother Earth in all that I do and say. If each and every one of us would do the same, we could leave a better world for the 7th Generation.

Take responsibility for things that happen in your own world. Take responsibility for the fate of Mother Earth - for She will wipe us out if we do not wake up. And we only have ourselves to blame.

Dedicated to All My Relations,
April 30, 2008

Michelle is a healer and a Caretaker for Mother Earth. Her belief is that through healing ourselves, we can heal Mother Earth, and her teachings reflect this belief. These columns are a form of Give-Away, and as such, are offered freely to any who will hear. Michelle's weekly column will appear here every Wednesday.

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